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Our services

Franko cleanign service - list of our services

We provide cleaning services for:

  • Carpets and floor coverings
  • Machined, surface and deep cleaning and whitening of fringes ...
  • Upholstery
  • Machined, surface, deep cleaning and removing stains ...
  • Curtain cleaning
  • Stripping, washing, ironing, setting ...
  • Glass cleaning
  • Washing, regular and periodic maintenance, even at heights up to 100 m ...
  • Hard flooring cleaning
  • Surface and deep cleaning, grinding, sanding, impregnation, crystallization, polishing ...
  • Facade cleaning
  • Washing, sand blasting, graffiti removal, impregnating ...
  • Cleaning of awnings and canopies
  • Special cleaning
  • Washing, degreasing, disinfection, unclogging ...
  • Cleaning the construction site and adaptation works
  • All kinds of laundry and cleaning (rough and detailed), expert coordination ...
  • Cleaning and maintenance of office space, apartments, shops, stairs and complete buildings
  • Maintaining the exterior
  • Mowing the grass, shrubs and hedges, sweeping, snow removal ...
  • Cleaning industrial factories, halls, scouring, dusting ...
  • Cleaning up after floods, fires, etc., water removal, room drying, complete cleaning
  • Cleaning and polishing aluminum facades

At very low price you will find a service of everyday and periodical maintenance of your offices with our staff and tools!

To do our job we use professional cleaning equipment for carpet cleaning and floor covering cleaning as well for washing hard floors. We use professional machinery and equipment for vacuuming, stone surface cleaning and maintaining, sweeping and washing of warehouses and halls. Our aim is to provide quality and professional service you ordered.

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