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Cleaning services in a nut shell

Professional office cleaning

Offices and work areas, due to their heavy daily use, must be regularly cleaned to maintain required level of hygiene and healthy working environment to everyone present, including workers and clients as well, giving them that refreshing sensation.
Maintaining the office cleanliness is very important in offices with large amount of electronic equipment like telephones, computers, copiers, etc. These accessories are the most used ones usually and they provide ideal place for bacterial growth and reproduction.
By trusting us with your office cleaning need, especially with the cleaning of your electronic equipment, carpets and furniture you can be sure that your office would be cleaned and maintained, giving you and your employers that refreshing sensation.

Apartment cleaning

Our professional services are available to you for any cleaning need related to your apartment, no matter if you are doing some reconstruction, building or simply spring cleaning.

Carpet cleaning and cleaning of upholstered furniture is a special category that requires more attention. Carpets and upholstery, during years of use, will become the main source of dust and bacteria that can endanger your health. They are a true challenge to clean so it's best to leave them to expert professionals that will do this job.

Cleaning of glass and stone surfaces is one less thing to worry about when you have good team of professionals behind you. We will clean any kind of stone (granite, marble, etc) surface, glass walls, windows, and etc.

Our other cleaning services

You can find the complete list of our cleaning services on our SERVICE page.

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